ADR 3: Move Marconi into a separate repository

Date: 2022-06-08


Lorenzo Calegari <>




Marconi is a Haskell executable and library that lives in plutus-chain-index.

It is desirable to move it into a separate repository for the following reasons:

  • Better visibility and easier to discover

  • It wants to update the version of its cardano-api dependency independently of the version used by plutus-apps

  • It is a farily independent component, therefore it warrants its own repository

However, creating a separate repository would be rather costly. It would involve a great deal of duplication, due to the way our current nix code is structured, not to mention the added complexity and overhead inherent in maintaining a separate codebase.


  • We will put Marconi in a separate Github repository

  • Until we resolve the issues with creating a separate Github repository (see Context), we will keep Marconi as a separate project in plutus-apps


  • A nix flake will be added in plutus-apps so that users will be able to obtain the Marconi executable trivially

  • The possibility to specify a separate version of cardano-api just for Marconi, while staying in plutus-apps, will be explored

  • As a very low priority task, a new repository will be created for Marconi, which will use std from the start (see Repository Standardization)